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Techniques for Photo Transfer

Acrylic Matte Medium


  • Kroma acrylic matte medium (can use other brands, but they are much thinner and you'll need to paint more layers)
  • Clean #6 or #8 1/2" brush
  • Containers for soaking brushes and acrylic coated images
  • Clean rag
  • Colour or B&W laser photocopies (cheap paper works best)
  • Selection of objects or media to which you will adhere the images (try metal, wood, glass, 3D objects, but you can also use paper)


  1. Brush Kroma acrylic matte medium over your image; layer should be evenly applied, and not too thick. Let dry thoroughly (use a heater, fan, the sun, hair dryer, or whatever seems to work).
  2. Repeat step 1 4 more times (total of 5 layers). Be sure to clean and dry your brush in between layers.
  3. Once dry, soak the coated image in a bath of lukewarm water, image side down, until the paper is transparent.
  4. Remove the image from the water and place, acrylic side down, on a clean, dry, firm, smooth surface. Use a clean rag to remove air bubbles and push water out from beneath the image.
  5. Rubbing with your fingers, remove the paper from the back of the image; if the paper becomes dry, dip your fingers in water. Be sure to remove all the paper residue from the lighter areas of the image - these will be more transparent. But be careful; when wet, the acrylic is very delicate and can tear or stretch. It's also possible to rub off the toner once the paper has been removed.
  6. To adhere to a surface, paint the back with the acrylic medium, then attach to the surface, being careful to remove any air bubbles. Work from the centre of the acrylic skin toward the edges, removing any wrinkles immediately.
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