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Techniques for Photo Transfer

Blender Pen


  • Chartpack Blender Pen
  • Burnisher (or spoon)
  • Masking tape (1" or 1/2")
  • Photographs or line art with strong contrast
  • Selection of papers to which you will transfer the images (try different colours, textures, fibres)


  1. Make mirror-image photocopies of your selected images; can be b&w or colour, although some colour copies will not work.
  2. Tape the paper (or other medium) onto which you will transfer your image to a flat, smooth surface.
  3. Position the photocopy face down on your paper, and tape at one edge.
  4. With the blender pen, wet about 1" square on your image; it will become translucent.
  5. With the burnisher (or back of a spoon), rub the wet area to transfer the toner.
  6. Carefully lift the photocopy to make sure you are getting a good impression; you may need to vary the pressure you're using with the burnisher.
  7. Continue transferring the image 1" at a time, until the entire image has been transferred.

Special Effects

  • Hand colouring
  • Tracing part of the image onto coloured paper, gluing it to your paper ahead of time, and transferring the image on top
  • Transfer onto another piece of art (mixed media)
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