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Techniques for Photo Transfer

Heat Transfer


  • Heat transfer paper (Xerox or Joto work well for laser copies)
  • Heat press or iron (works best with no holes in plate)
  • Silicone release paper or tracing paper
  • Clean newsprint or pressing cloth
  • Photographs (colour or b&w) or other images
  • Selection of media to which you will transfer the images (try different colours, textures, fibres, including wood, metal, tempered glass, paper, fabric)


  1. Make mirror-image photocopies of your selected images onto heat transfer paper.
  2. Place your paper or other medium on a firm, flat surface (be sure to protect the surface with several layers of newsprint); if you are using a medium with a loose weave, such as organza, be sure to place the release paper underneath it.
  3. Pre-heat your paper for a few seconds.
  4. Place your image face down on your paper, being sure to position it accurately.
  5. Cover your work with clean newsprint.
  6. Press. Depending on your medium, the heat press should take 10-20 seconds. If using an iron, be sure to press firmly, and check periodically to see that the image is transferring cleanly (lift a corner of the image).
  7. Remove the transfer paper immediately. If transferring onto material that stretches, use a ruler to hold down one edge of the material to minimize distortion.
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