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web publishing

Transplanted Goose
My personal web site. Mostly a place to share photos and experiences with family and build a digital gallery of my creative efforts. Perhaps one of these days I'll finally start blogging, as well, but don't count on it.

Library Instruction Publications
This is a small, independent publisher who focuses on library instruction. Marilyn needed a web site; I wanted copies of her publications. It's been a great partnership.

NewBreed Librarian
No longer being published, but in its heyday it was a daily news log and bimonthly webzine intended to foster a sense of community for those new to librarianship, whether in school or just out. The webzine offered feature articles and interviews, as well as profiles of progressive librarians and other information professionals, an advice column, and a technology column. It was the brainchild of Juanita Benedicto, my frequent partner in crime at the time, and is archived in the University of Oregon's institutional repository, where we were both working at the time we created and developed the site.

Web Publishing Curriculum Resources
Workshop outlines, resources for web publishers, and tools. Developed for the University of Oregon community, but has been used widely by others.

The Naked Researcher (note: disappeared from web site)
A virtual exhibit celebrating curiosity and the pursuit of new ideas, The Naked Researcher looks at both the research process and the information environment. It also features a series of faculty interviews that reveal the motivation and practices of these professional researchers. The exhibit was conceived and developed in partnership with Robin Paynter, Reference Librarian, and accompanied a physical exhibit in Knight Library (February 1-March 24, 2003).

Feminist Voices & Visions from the Pacific Northwest
A virtual exhibit in celebrating of Women's History Month featuring two of the Library's manuscript collections: the Duniway Family papers, including those of suffragist and publisher Abigail Scott Duniway (1834-1915), and the award-winning CALYX, a journal of art and literature by women. The virtual exhibit accompanied an exhibit in Knight Library (March 9-May 29, 1998). Heather Ward, Humanities Librarian, University of Oregon, developed the original concept for this site, and we worked together on its implementation.

Under Western Skies: Ernest Haycox and the West in Fiction & Film
A virtual exhibit featuring Ernest Haycox (1899-1950), one of the most prolific writers of "western" fiction. His story, "Stage to Lordsburg," became the movie Stagecoach, which made John Wayne a star (my Dad's a huge John Wayne fan). Haycox's westerns often went beyond the formula fiction of silent cowboys with smoking guns and swooning women. His male heroes wrestled with human problems, women were presented as individuals, and historical material was true to the record. The virtual exhibit originally accompanied an exhibit mounted in Knight Library (January 31-May 31, 2000).

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