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EDUC 891: Learning Design in Technology-Mediated Environments

Course Description

"This course explores a specific approach to learning design called instructional design (ID) that is a long-standing and established area of inquiry within the field of Educational Technology. You will explore the underlying assumptions ID holds about knowledge, learning, the learner, and the nature of instruction. You will examine, through case studies, the multitude of considerations that must be addressed in finding design solutions for learning and performance problems. Ultimately, you will be responsible to apply what you have learned in the creation of a learning/performance design using a design model relevant to the context of interest to you." ~Cheryl Amundsen

Case Studies

All but one of these cases came from the following case book:

Ertmer, P.A., & Quinn, J. (2007). The ID case book: Case studies in instructional design (3rd ed.). NJ: Pearson.

Instructional/Performance Design



Choose a case already examined, or a new one, and carry the design as far as the case will allow you to go.

Course Participation Portfolio



Provide evidence of:

Sources of evidence to draw upon:

In all cases your evidence should be YOUR words as written or posted for the first four above.

Your postings in the online small group discussions should serve as a primary source of evidence as this is most easily documented. This is the only source of evidence that is required.

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