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Hawaii 5-0

The Invitation The Setup
The Site
The Guests
The Food

"George," Lynn asked, "how do you want to celebrate your 50th birthday?" George replied, "I want to throw a big party and invite everyone I've ever known."

For months before the party, Lynn researched, planned, shopped, hired people, and sent out invitations (which I designed - doesn't George remind you of Magnum PI?).

It was September 1, 2007. The theme was Hawaiian Luau. The dress code was Tacky Tourist (surfboards optional). There was a beautiful site (George & Lynn's home in Langley, B.C.), a beach, an excellent band, great food (including a roast pig), decorations both classy and tacky, a well-stocked bar, and about 70 guests comprised of George's family, friends, and employees.

By all accounts, a good time was had by all. I can't wait to see what Lynn does next year - if I help out again with the planning and setup, do I get to come?

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