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Tips for Teaching Online
"Getting Started" Email

Date: March 24, 1999
To: Jane Doe<[email address]>
From: Colleen Bell <[email address]>
Subject: Welcome to Contours of Cyberspace!


Welcome to Contours of Cyberspace. Your username and initial password are:

username: jdoe
password: somepwd

You are a member of Group 1.

You may access the login page for the course at [insert course url]

To login, click on the grey "Login" button, then fill in your username and password in the box that pops up. You should then proceed to the home page for the course.

The first thing you should do is click on "Change Password" and change your password. The second thing you should do is return to the Home Page, then click on "Main Page" and "Week 1" to find out how to proceed from there.

If you have any questions, let me know. I will be out of town Tuesday afternoon through Friday afternoon, but I *will* be dialing in to check email and catch up with everyone as often as possible. Because I will be gone, I will be available on the weekend by appointment.

Colleen Bell
[phone number]
[email address]

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