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Some of the topics you discussed last week have significance in the area of electronic commerce as well. The issues identified by Group 3 earlier in the term include many of the same ones we discussed in week 5. This week we'll continue our discussions of privacy, security, and law and order as they relate to electronic commerce, and add a couple of new topics: regulation and competition.




You'll note that I've shifted the topics from last week slightly so that others in the class may have a chance to discuss the common threads we started last week. At the end of the week, I'd like each of you to select what you consider to be your best contribution, and post it in your group presentation area. This will help other groups get a sense of your group discussion without having to read everything.

For your group's assigned topic, identify the issues (both positive and negative), discuss the problem, and suggest solutions or identify good practices.

Group 1: Competition
Group 2: Privacy
Group 3: Safety and security
Group 4: Regulation
Group 5: Law and order


In 2-3 single-spaced, typewritten pages, write a profile of a company engaged in electronic commerce. The company should be of sufficient size that you can find information about it in traditional sources (journal, magazine, and newspaper indexes such as Business Index ASAP or Academic Universe) as well as on the Internet. How long has it been involved in e-commerce? What kind of financial information can you find out about it? Is it profitable? Has it been involved in any mergers or acquisitions? Is the company public or private? Is it solely an online business, or did it grow out of an existing business? What kind of growth has it experienced since going online? How does it market itself? Examples of businesses include, E-Trade, CDNow, Gateway Computers, and Barnes and Noble.

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